Sweets: A Review of the Slot Machine

Get ready to wash your teeth, gamers, because Hacksaw Gaming has introduced a slot machine to its Pocketz collection that focuses on sugar, sweets, and other foods that adults attempt to discourage children from consuming. It’s ironic that despite being of legal age to partake in sweets, many individuals shun them in an effort to maintain a healthy weight. Perhaps this explains why games with a candy theme do so well on online casinos: players are trying to suppress an overwhelming need for sugar. Whatever the case may be, it’s time for Hacksaw Gaming to give in to a game replete with candy, free spins, a huge stuffed monster, and a lot of bubbles.

Visually, almost everything in Tasty Treats has the potential to cause tooth decay, in a style reminiscent of Sweet Bonanza. From towering candy canes and candy floss to sticky goo on the screen in between plays, everything about this game is very sweet. To round out the sugary dream, a ukulele-like accompaniment plays in the background. Bets range from 20 percent to £/€100 each paid symbol drop, and play is accessible from any device.

Tasty Treats is a 5-row, 6-column grid slot with a cluster payout structure. At least five matching symbols must land in a cluster for it to be formed, and these symbols may link in any direction. The reaction mechanism works by removing symbols after a win, making room for other symbols to fall into them and starting a chain reaction of clusters. Theoretically, the RTP should be 96.21% as winnings occur on average every four spins (24%). In practice, however, the RTP is often lower. The volatility is strong, as is typical for a Hacksaw slot (however adorable), and the maximum payout is respectable.

Before we get to the good stuff, let’s quickly go over some symbols. The table’s ten standard pay symbols include five different types of hard candies and five different types of glistening baked goodies. Premium victories at this level are worth 50–60 times your bet, and the greatest clusters consist of 15–plus matching symbols. The wild “dripping cone thing” may appear anywhere on the grid and replace any other icon (with the exception of the free spins icon) to help you win more often.

Yummy Features: Slot Machine Bonuses

Bubble Boosters show up in the main game and bring wilds or multipliers with them. During free games, which may be won or purchased, there is an increase in the quantity of bubbles.

Fuel for the Bubbly

Bubbles can occur at any time and pop over any square in the grid, so keep your eyes peeled. Different sized bubbles conceal multipliers or wild symbols underneath. Any winning clusters that include multipliers will have their value increased by that amount. One to five Bubbles of 1×1, 2×2, or 3×3 sizes can be generated with every spin or collapse. Sometimes only a portion of the bubble’s landing is visible. There is one feature sign in the smallest Bubbles and up to nine in the biggest. Multipliers can increase your payout by anywhere from two times to one hundred times if you land more than one on the same location or in the same winning cluster.

Fiendish Fingers

In order to create room for newly dropped symbols, the Monster Hand randomly activates and removes symbols from the grid. All symbols in the first three columns, or all symbols in the last three columns, are taken by the Monster Hands.

Bonus Turns

Free games are triggered by getting three scatter symbols while playing the main game. When triggered, each scatter icon becomes a numerical value. If you add up these numbers, you’ll receive between 6 and 15 bonus spins. As an added bonus, free spins may be retriggered by hitting at least one scatter symbol on the grid, and they include an increased number of Bubble Boosters compared to the base game.

Spend Money on a Bonus

If there were an option to purchase the bonus game, it would cost 129 times the initial wager. On the following spin, you’ll get the necessary three scatter symbols, and you’ll be taken straight to the bonus round.

Sweets Galore: The Slots’ Final Say

Tasty Treats is a prime example of how Hacksaw Gaming has settled into a rhythm of prolific output. Tasty Treats, however, looks a lot like a number of other candy-based slots, so it wasn’t as immediately appealing as past Hacksaw offerings. The lack of originality in the bonus round also hurts the game’s appeal. However, gamers looking for a straightforward grid slot with a few useful extras and a large, juicy cherry on top may find Tasty Treats to be a pleasant surprise.

Perhaps Hacksaw’s commitment to the project wasn’t as strong as usual. It’s as if a studio executive who isn’t familiar with video games looked at Hacksaw’s previous releases, got lost in the translation, and sent down a message to develop something more in line with the industry standard, which turned out to be candy. Of course, we’re joking, and Tasty Treats is still a nice release that’s perfect for mobile gambling (though it works just well on desktop, too), as opposed to what some other mobile-focused companies do.

Tasty Treats may fail to thrill players because its free spins are essentially just the standard game spins with a few additional Bubble Boosters sprinkled in. We’ve also seen in Hop’N’Pop that the overlaying multipliers may be frustrating (confusing?) because they just affect the symbol they’re sitting on, rather than working as multiplier wilds. Since we are used to Hacksaw whipping up something really devilish for the bonus, rather than just delivering more of the same, it would have been lovely to see the bonus round stand out a bit more. Although the maximum payout on Tasty Treats is just 10,000 times the wager, we know from experience that Hacksaw games tend to go all out when they hit.

Tasty Treats was a good time, but it doesn’t compare to the other Hacksaw games we’ve reviewed recently like Wanted Dead or Alive, Stack’ Em, or Hop’N’Pop. Hacksaw often creates fun slot machines, and Tasty Treats is no exception; it’s simply not as innovative as the studio’s other offerings.






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